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Chronicles of Darkness — Booklist

Angaben sind ohne Gewähr.
No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

1st Edition – These are the first books of the series. Back then the game line was named World of Darkness.
2nd Edition – These are books that contain or use the rules update made in God Machine Chronicle About the time the gameline was renamed Chronicles of Darkness because the older World of Darkness gameline was relaunched.
nMET – These books are for the New World of Darkness´ Mind´s Eye Theatre rules.


Beast: The Primordial

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX2ndBeast: The Primordial--2016- 
XX2ndBeast: The Primordial Condition Cards--2016- 
X--Beast: the Primordial Wallpapers--2016- 
XX2ndReady-Made Characters--2016- 
XX2ndBeast: Building a Legend--2017- 
XX2ndNight Horrors: Conquering Heroes--2017- 
XX2ndBeast Player's Guide--2018- 
X-2ndBeast the Primordial Storyteller's Screen--2020- 

Changeling: The Lost

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stAutumn Nightmares1-58846-531-3WW703002007- 
XX1stChangeling: The Lost1-58846-527-6WW700002007- 
X-1stChangeling: The Lost - Character Sheet Pad1-58846-529-0 WW707012007-Available for free.
X-1stChangeling: The Lost Demo-WW709002007-Available for free.
XX1stWinter Masques1-58846-532-0WW702002007- 
XX1stEquinox Road1-58846-717-1WW702032008- 
XX1stLords of Summer1-58846-715-7WW702022008- 
XX1stNight Horrors: Grim Fears1-58846-743-0WW702052008- 
XX1stRites of Spring1-58846-246-0WW702012008- 
XX1stDancers in the Dusk1-58846-361-6WW702072009- 
XX1stGoblin Markets-WW700022009- 
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW700012009- 
X-1stSwords at Dawn1-58846-370-2WW702082009- 
XX1stVictorian Lost-WW700062012- 
XX-Autumn Nightmares Poster--2014-A Poster
X-1stChangeling: The Lost - Storyteller Screen--2014- 
X-1stChangeling: the Lost (1e) Complete [BUNDLE] --2016-a bundle of PDFs from 1st Edition
XX2ndChangeling: the Lost (2nd Edition)--2019- 
XX2ndChangeling: the Lost (2nd Edition) Condition Cards--2019- 
X-2ndChangeling: the Lost (2nd Edition) Storyteller Screen & Companion --2019- 
-X-Lost Court: Autumn (Notebook)--2019-Notebook in CtL design
-X-Lost Court: Spring (Notebook)--2019-Notebook in CtL design
-X-Lost Court: Summer (Notebook)--2019-Notebook in CtL design
-X-Lost Court: Winter (Notebook)--2019-Notebook in CtL design
XXN/ADark Eras: Changeling the Lost Compilation--2020-This compiles Changeling chapters from Dark Eras and Dark Eras 2. 1st Edition material might not be updated to 2nd Edition.
XX2ndOak, Ash, and Thorn--2020-The Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition Companion

Chronicles of Darkness

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX2ndThe God-Machine Chronicle--2013-Rules Update for World of Darkness is abavilable here for free.
XX2ndThe God-Machine Chronicle: Condition Cards--2013- 
XX2ndThe God-Machine Chronicle: Overly Specific Condition Cards--2014-This was Onyx Path Publishing´s April Fool´s joke for 2014.
XX2ndChronicles of Darkness--2015- 
XX2ndThe Twelve Days of Onyx Condition Cards--2015-Holiday themed condition cards
XX2ndWorld of Darkness: Gothic Icons--2015-a free product
XX2ndChronicles of Darkness Condition, Numina, and Dread Power Cards--2016- 
XX2ndChronicles of Darkness Tilt Cards--2016- 
XX2ndChronicles of Darkness: Hurt Locker--2016- 
XX2ndDark Eras--2016- 
XX2ndDark Eras: A Handful of Dust--2016-Single 'Promethean: The Created' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: A Grimm Dark Era--2017-for Changeling: The Lost
XX2ndDark Eras: After the Fall--2017-for Demon: The Descent
XX2ndDark Eras: Beneath the Skin--2017-Single Skinchangers or 'Demon: The Descent' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: Companion--2017- 
XX2ndDark Eras: Doubting Souls--2017-Single 'Hunter: The Vigil' chapter from Dark Eras.
X-2ndDark Eras: Fallen Blossoms--2017-Single 'Hunter: The Vigil' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: God's Own Country--2017-for Geist: The Sin-Eaters
XX2ndDark Eras: Into the Cold--2017-Single 'Demon: The Descent' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: Lily, Sabre, and Thorn--2017-for Changeling: The Lost
XX2ndDark Eras: Requiem for Regina--2017-Single 'Vampire: The Requiem / Changeling: The Lost' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: Ruins of Empire--2017-Single 'Mummy: The Curse' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: The Bowery Dogs--2017-Single 'Werewolf: The Forsaken' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: The Sundered World--2017-Single 'Werewolf: The Forsaken / Mage: The Awakening' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: The Wolf and the Raven--2017-A module for Werewolf: the Forsaken and/or Geist: the Sin-Eaters
XX2ndDark Eras: Three Kingdoms of Darkness--2017-A module for Changeling: the Lost and/or Geist: the Sin-Eaters
XX2ndDark Eras: To the Strongest--2017-For Mage: The Awakening
X-2ndChronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras Storyteller's Screen--2020- 
XX2ndChronicles of Darkness: The Contagion Chronicle--2020- 
XX2ndDark Eras 2--2020- 
X-2ndDark Eras 2: Arthur's Britannia--2020-A single chapter of Dark Eras 2.
For Changeling: the Lost 2nd Edition, Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition, and Hunter: the Vigil 2nd Edition.
X-2ndDark Eras 2: Hunger in the Black Land--2020-A single chapter of Dark Eras 2.
For Beast: the Primordial, Promethean: the Created 2nd Edition and Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition.
X-2ndDark Eras 2: One Thousand And One Nightmares--2020-A single chapter of Dark Eras 2.
For Changeling: the Lost 2nd Edition, Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition, and Beast: the Primordial.
X-2ndDark Eras 2: The Scandinavian Witch Trials--2020-A single chapter of Dark Eras 2.
For Mummy: the Curse 2nd Edition, and Geist: the Sin-Eaters.
X-2ndDark Eras 2: The Seven Wonders--2020-A single chapter of Dark Eras 2.
For Changeling: the Lost 2nd Edition and Promethean: the Created 2nd Edition.
X--Player's Guide to the Contagion Chronicle--2021- 
X--The Contagion Chronicle Storyteller Screen--2021- 
X--The Contagion Chronicle Wallpaper--2021- 

Demon: The Descent

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX2ndDemon: The Descent Quickstart--2013-PDF is for free.
XX2ndDemon Seed Collection--2014- 
XX2ndDemon: The Descent--2014- 
XX2ndDemon: The Descent - Condition Cards--2014- 
X-N/ADemon: The Descent - Wallpaper--2014-A Wallpaper image file.
XX2ndFlowers of Hell: The Demon Players Guide--2014- 
XX2ndHeirs to Hell--2014- 
XX2ndReady-Made Player Characters--2014- 
XX2ndSplintered City: Seattle--2014- 
X-2ndDemon: The Descent Storyteller's Screen--2015- 
XX2ndDemon Storyteller's Guide--2016- 
X--Starter Kit: Demon: the Descent [BUNDLE]--2016-a BUNDLE of PDFs.
XX2ndNight Horrors: Enemy Action--2018- 

Fiction (all)

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
X-VtRA Hunger Like Fire1-58846-862-3WW112352004-Vampire: The Requiem Novel #1
X-VtRBlood In, Blood Out1-58846-866-6WW112372005-Vampire: The Requiem Novel #2
X-VtRMarriage of Virtue & Viciousness1-58846-872-0WW112382005-Vampire: The Requiem Novel #3
X-CoDThree Shades of Night1-58846-870-4WW117202006-Based on World of Darkness: Chicago.
XXVtRSilent Knife--2012- 
XXCoDThe God-Machine Chronicle Anthology--2012-Anthology
XXVtRThe Strix Chronicle Anthology--2013-Anthology
XXDtDDemon: Interface--2014- 
XXPtCThe Firestorm Chronicle Anthology--2014-Anthology
XXWtFThe Idigam Chronicle Anthology--2014-Anthology
XXMtCDreams of Avarice--2015- 
XXMtAwThe Fallen World Chronicle Anthology--2015-Anthology
XXMtCDawn of Heresies--2016- 
XXCoDTales of the Dark Eras--2016-Anthology. Based on Dark Eras.
XXBtPThe Primordial Feast --2016-Anthology
XX-The Huntsmen Chronicle Anthology--2017-Anthology to Changeling: The Lost
XXGtSEDeath is Not the End--2020-A Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Ed. Anthology

Geist: The Sin-Eaters

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stGeist: The Sin-Eaters1-58846-377-7WW605002009- 
X-1stGeist: The Sin-Eaters Quickstart1-58846-397-5WW605082009- 
XX-Ready-Made Characters--2014- 
X-2ndGeist 2e Storyteller's Screen and Reference--2020- 
XX2ndGeist: The Sin-Eaters Second Edition--2020- 
XX2ndMemento Mori--2020- 

Hunter: The Vigil

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stBlock by Bloody Block-WW555882008- 
XX1stHunter: The Vigil1-58846-718-8WW555502008- 
X-1stHunter: The Vigil Quickstart — One Year Later-WW-QS-22008-Available for free.
X-1stHunter: The Vigil Quickstart — The Hunt-WW-QS-12008-Available for free.
XX1stWitch Finders1-58846-722-5WW555542008- 
X-1stCollection of Horrors [BUNDLE]-WW55584-B2009-All scenarios (not listed) also sold separately.
X-1stCollection of Horrors: Introduction-WW55584-02009-Available for free. Introduction to all the Collection of Horrors [BUNDLE] scenarios.
XX1stHorror Recognition Guide1-58846-355-5WW555602009- 
XX1stNight Stalkers1-58846-745-4WW555562009- 
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW555652009- 
XX1stSpirit Slayers1-58846-746-1WW555572009- 
XX1stCompacts and Conspiracies-WW555662010-Chapters also sold individually (not listed).
X--Hunter: Deadly Prey Rulebook--2012-Available for free. Rulebook to a board game based on Hunter: The Vigil.
Bord game required.
XX2ndMortal Remains--2014- 
XX-Hunter: The Vigil Poster--2015- 
XX-Witch Finders Poster--2015- 
X-1stHunter: the Vigil (1e) Complete [BUNDLE]--2016-A bundle of PDFs from 1st Edition
XX2ndHunter: Tooth and Nail--2017-NPCs based on Beast: The Primordial.

Mage: The Awakening

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stBoston Unveiled1-58846-419-9WW402002005- 
X-1stGazing Into You1-58846-424-5WW409002005-Giveaway booklet, identical to Mage: The Awakening Demo Part 1.
XX1stMage: The Awakening1-58846-418-0WW400002005ES
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
X-SpanishMago El Despertar-8-49800-297-4
X-1stMage: The Awakening - Character Sheet Pad1-58846-585-3WW407012005-Available for free.
XX1stSanctum and Sigil1-58846-420-2WW402012005- 
XX1stGuardians of the Veil1-58846-426-1WW403052006- 
XX1stLegacies: The Sublime1-58846-425-3WW401002006- 
XX1stReign of the Exarchs1-58846-428-8WW403062006- 
XX1stSecrets of the Ruined Temple1-58846-422-9WW403102006- 
XX1stTome of the Mysteries1-58846-429-6WW403022006- 
XX1stTome of the Watchtowers1-58846-427-XWW403012006- 
XX1stAstral Realms1-58846-435-4WW402022007- 
XX1stIntruders: Encounters With the Abyss1-58846-431-8WW403072007- 
XX1stLegacies: The Ancient1-58846-430-XWW401012007- 
XX1stMagical Traditions1-58846-433-0WW403092007- 
XX1stThe Adamantine Arrow1-58846-436-1WW401032007- 
XX1stThe Free Council1-58846-432-3WW403082007- 
XX1stThe Mysterium1-58846-434-7WW401022007- 
XX1stGrimoire of Grimoires1-58846-437-8WW402032008- 
XX1stKeys to the Supernal Tarot1-58846-439-2WW403122008- 
XX1stThe Silver Ladder1-58846-438-5WW401052008- 
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW400012009- 
XX1stSeers of the Throne1-58846-358-6WW403212009- 
X-1stMage Chronicler´s Guide1-58846-386-9WW403252010- 
X-1stNight Horrors: The Unbidden1-58846-378-4WW403242010- 
XX1stMage Noir-WW551062011- 
XX1stImperial Mysteries-WW400102012- 
X-1stMage: The Awakening - Demo Part 1--2005-Available for free.
X-1stMage: The Awakening - Demo Part 2--2005-Available for free.
X-1stMage: The Awakening - Demo Part 3--2011-Available for free.
X-1stMage: The Awakening - Demo Part 4--2011-Available for free.
XX1stLeft-Hand Path--2012- 
XX-Boston Unveiled Poster--2014- 
XX-Reign of the Exarchs Poster--2015- 
XX2ndMage: The Awakening (2nd Edition)--2016- 
XX2ndMage: the Awakening 2nd Edition Condition and Numina Cards--2016- 
XX-Mage: The Awakening Tarot--2017-A Tarot Deck
X-2ndSigns of Sorcery--2019- 
XX2ndNight Horrors: Nameless and Accursed--2020- 

Mind´s Eye Theatre

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XXnMETMind´s Eye Theatre1-58846-522-5WW500002005- 
XXnMETMind´s Eye Theatre: The Requiem1-58846-523-3WW500012005- 
XXnMETMind´s Eye Theatre: The Awakening-WW500032007- 
X-nMETMind's Eye Theatre (CoD) [BUNDLE]--2016-This is a PDF Bundle

Mummy: The Curse

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stEve of Judgment--2013- 
XX1stGuildhalls of the Deathless--2013- 
XX1stMummy: The Curse--2013- 
X-1stMummy: The Curse - Interactive Character Sheets--2013-Available for free.
X-1stMummy: The Curse - Storyteller´s Screen--2013- 
XX1stMummy: The Curse Player´s Book--2013- 
XX1stBook of the Deceived--2014- 
XX1stCursed Necropolis: D.C.--2014- 
X--Mummy: the Curse - Wallpaper--2014-A Wallpaper image file.
XX1stReady-Made Player Characters--2014- 
X--Lore of the Deceived--2015-a free product
XX1stSothis Ascends--2015- 
XX-The Avarice Chronicle - Collected Edition--2015- 
X--Starter Kit: Mummy: the Curse [BUNDLE]--2016-a BUNDLE of PDFs.
XX-Cursed Necropolis: Rio--2017- 
--2ndMummy: The Curse (2nd Edition)--2019- 

Promethean: The Created

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stPandora´s Book1-58846-488-1WW603002006- 
XX1stPromethean: The Created1-58846-606-XWW600002006- 
X-1stPromethean: The Created - Promo-WW609002006-Available for free.
XX1stStrange Alchemies1-58846-607-8WW601002006- 
XX1stMagnum Opus1-58846-608-2WW601012007- 
X-1stPromethean: The Created - Character Sheet Pad1-58846-544-6 WW607002007- 
XX1stSaturnine Night1-58846-609-9WW603012007- 
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW600012009- 
X-1stPromethean: The Created - Demo--2006-Available for free.
X-1stPromethean: The Created - Storyteller Screen--2014- 
XX2ndPromethean: The Created (2nd Edition)--2016- 
XX2ndPromethean the Created 2nd Edition Condition Cards--2017- 

SAS Adventure

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
X-1stBlood Red + Ash Gray-WW257242007-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
X-1stChicago Workings1-58846-740-9WW550032007-For use with World of Darkness: Chicago.
Compiled in The Harvesters Compilation.
X-1stParlor Games1-58846-340-1WW300032007-For use with Werewolf: The Forsaken.
X-1stThe Resurrectionists1-58846-272-5WW257222007-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
X-1stBad Night at Blackmoon Farm-WW555802008-For use with Hunter: The Vigil.
X-1stCriminal Intent-WW257262008-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
X-1stLines of Power-WW409082008-For use with Mage: The Awakening.
X-1stRuins of Ur-WW559052008- 
X-1stThe Harvesters-WW559082008-Compiled in The Harvesters Compilation
X-1stThe New Kid-WW559092008-For use with World of Darkness: Innocents.
X-1stTo the Flame-WW601022008-For use with Promethean: The Created.
X-1stBlood Drive-WW555852009-For use with Hunter: The Vigil.
X-nMETCity in the Sand-WW500042009-For use with Mind´s Eye Theatre: The Requiem
X-1stMurder Will Out-WW555822009-For use with Hunter: The Vigil.
X-1stSpearfinger-WW555812009-For use with Hunter: The Vigil.
X-1stThe Abedju Cipher-WW400022009-For use with Mage: The Awakening.
X-1stThrough the Ebon Gate-WW605022009-For use with Geist: The Sin-Eaters.
X-1stCoyote Falls-WW551042010-For use with Werewolf: The Forsaken.
X-1stFallen is Babylon-WW550072010-For use with World of Darkness: Inferno
X-1stPaterfamilias-WW220082010-For use with Requiem for Rome (and by extension Vampire: The Requiem).
X-1stThe Hungry Streets-WW220092010-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
X-1stInto the Void-WW256062011-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
X-1stScenes of the Embrace-WW256042011-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
XX1stThe Fear-Maker´s Promise Compendium1-58846-464-4WW700042011-For use with Changeling: The Lost.
XX1stThe Harvesters Compilation1-58846-536-5WW550202011-Compiles The Harvesters and Chicago Workings.
X-1stScenes of Frenzy--2007-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
X-1stThe Fear-Maker´s Promise--2007-For use with Changeling: The Lost.
Complied in The Fear-Maker´s Promise Compendium.
X-1stThe Rose-Bride´s Plight--2008-For use with Changeling: The Lost.
Complied in The Fear-Maker´s Promise Compendium.
X-1stDem Bones--2009-For use with Geist: The Sin-Eaters.
Available for free.
X-1stSAS Support Kit--2009-Available for free.
X-1stThe House Always Wins--2009-For use with Geist: The Sin-Eaters.
Available for free.
X-1stA Night with Jack--2010-Available for free.
XX1stFalling Scales Chapter One--2012- 
XX1stFalling Scales Chapter Two--2012- 
XX1stThe Resurrectionists Collection--2012-Compiles The Resurrectionists and Criminal Intend.
X-1stBloodthirsty Adventures (1e) [BUNDLE]--2016-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.

Vampire: The Requiem

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
XX1stVampire: The Requiem1-58846-247-1WW250002004DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
X-GermanVampire: Requiem20053-93725-532-X
X-1stVampire: The Requiem - Character Sheet Pad1-58846-598-5WW257012004DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
--GermanRequiem: Charakterbögen20053-93725-547-8
Available for free.
XX1stBloodlines: The Hidden1-58846-255-2WW251022005FR, DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
XXFrenchLignées: Les Occultes--
--GermanBlutlinien: Die Verborgenen20063-93725-567-2
Bloodlines also sold separately (not listed).
XX1stCity of the Damned: New Orleans1-58846-248-XWW252002005- 
XX1stLancea Sanctum1-58846-249-8WW250012005FR, DE, IT
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
XXFrenchLancea Sanctum--
--GermanLancea Sancta20053-93725-550-8
--ItalianLancea Sanctum20058-88288-140-7
XX1stOrdo Dracul1-58846-257-9WW251202005- 
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
XX1stBloodlines: The Legendary1-58846-260-9WW251032006- 
XX1stCircle of the Crone1-58846-263-3WW253052006- 
XX1stRequiem Chronicler´s Guide1-58846-261-7WW253022006- 
XX1stBelial´s Brood1-58846-266-8WW251112007- 
XX1stBloodlines: The Chosen1-58846-269-5WW251042007- 
XX1stDamnation City1-58846-267-1WW253062007- 
XX1stRequiem for Rome1-58846-270-1WW251402007- 
X-1stThe Blood1-58846-268-8WW250022007- 
XX1stFall of the Camarilla1-58846-271-1WW253072008-For Vampire: The Requiem
XX1stKiss of the Succubus: Daeva1-58846-352-4WW251152008- 
XX1stLords Over the Damned: Ventrue1-58846-273-2WW251122008- 
XX1stSavage and Macabre: Gangrel1-58846-353-2WW251162008- 
X-1stAncient Bloodlines1-58846-364-8WW253122009- 
X-1stAncient Mysteries1-58846-357-5WW253112009- 
X-1stNight Horrors: Count F****** Dracula-WW00CFD2009-Available for free.
X-1stNight Horrors: Immortal Sinners1-58846-449-0WW253082009- 
XX1stNight Horrors: Wicked Dead1-58846-374-6WW253132009- 
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW220022009- 
XX1stThe Beast That Haunts the Blood: Nosferatu1-58846-351-6WW251142009- 
XX1stInvite Only1-58846-392-3WW253152010- 
XX1stThe Danse Macabre-WW 256042011- 
XX1stThe Testament of Longinus-WW220072012- 
XX1stRites of the Dragon1-58846-254-4-2004DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
--GermanRiten des Drachen20053-93725-544-3
X-1stVampire: The Requiem - Demo--2004-Available for free.
Also available in parts (not listed).
XX1stVampire: The Requiem for Dummies0-47003-745-4-2006- 
X-1stDamnation City: District Map Segments--2007-Available for free.
XX1stNew Wave Requiem--2009- 
XX1stShadows in the Dark: Mekhet--2009- 
X-1stRequiem for Rome - Errata--2010-Also Errata for Fall of the Camarilla.
Available for free.
X--Vampire: Prince of the City Rulebook--2010-Available for free. Rules to a separately sold board game.
XX1stStrange, Dead Love--2011- 
XX1stBlood Sorcery: Sacraments & Blasphemies--2012- 
X--Vampire: Dark Influences Rulebook--2012-Available for free. Rules for a separately sold board game.
--2ndBlood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle--2013-Ceased to be sold on November 19, 2014. Replaced by Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition.
XX2ndReap the Whirlwind--2013-PDF available for free.
XX2nd Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition --2014-previously named Blood and Smoke: the Strix Chronicle.
Blood and Smoke: the Strix Chronicle still listed for reference but DriveThruCode is reused for this book.
XX-New Wave Requiem Poster--2014- 
XX2ndVampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition Condition Cards--2014-previously named Blood and Smoke Condition Cards
X-2ndVampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition Storyteller's Screen--2014-previously named Blood and Smoke Storyteller's Screen
X-1stRequiem Bloodlines (1e) [BUNDLE]--2016-contains
XX2ndSecrets of the Covenants--2016- 
XX-Half Damned--2017- 
XX2ndThousand Years of Night--2017- 
XX2ndGuide to the Night--2018- 
XX2ndNight Horrors: Spilled Blood--2020- 

Werewolf: The Forsaken

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stBlood of the Wolf1-58846-329-XWW303012005- 
XX1stHunting Ground: The Rockies1-58846-325-7WW302002005- 
XX1stLodges: The Faithful1-58846-330-3WW301012005- 
XX1stLore of the Forsaken1-58846-327-3WW301002005DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
--GermanWerwolf: Paria - Mythen der Parias20063-93725-581-8
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
--GermanWerwolf: Paria - Raubtiere20063-93725-563-X
XX1stWerewolf: The Forsaken1-58846-324-9WW300002005DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
--GermanWerwolf: Paria20053-93725-552-4
X-1stWerewolf: The Forsaken - Character Sheet Pad1-58846-594-2WW307022005DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
--GermanWerwolf: Paria - Charakterbögen20053-93725-562-1
Available for free.
X-1stLodges: The Splintered1-58846-337-0WW301022006- 
XX1stThe Pure1-58846-336-2WW301102006- 
XX1stThe Rage: Forsaken Player´s Guide1-58846-338-9WW300012007- 
XX1stThe War Against the Pure1-58846-339-5WW303062007- 
XX1stTribes of the Moon1-58846-742-3WW301032008- 
XX1stNight Horrors: Wolfsbane-WW301052009- 
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW300022009- 
XX1stSigns of the Moon1-58846-375-3WW301062010- 
XX1stForsaken Chronicler´s Guide-WW551082011- 
X-1stWerewolf: The Forsaken - Demo--2005-Available for free.
X-1stWerewolf the Forsaken Storyteller Screen--2014- 
XX-Forsaken Howls in the Night Poster--2015- 
XX-Forsaken Hunting Grounds Poster--2015- 
XX-Hunting Ground: the Rockies Poster--2015- 
XX2ndWerewolf: The Forsaken (2nd Edition)--2015- 
X-2ndThe Pack--2016- 
XX2ndWerewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition Condition Cards--2016- 

World of Darkness

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Antagonists1-58846-478-4WW553012004DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Ghost Stories1-58846-483-0WW554002004- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Storytelling System Rulebook1-58846-476-8WW550002004DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
X-GermanWelt der Dunkelheit20043-93725-531-1
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Chicago1-58846-479-2WW552002005- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Mysterious Places1-58846-485-7WW553022005FR
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
X-FrenchLe Monde des Ténèbres: Lieux étranges et mysterieux--
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Armory1-58846-486-5WW551022006- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Second Sight1-58846-487-3WW551002006- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Shadows of Mexico1-58846-264-1WW252012006- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Shadows of the United Kingdom1-58846-334-6WW302022006- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Skinchangers1-58846-335-4WW303052006- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Tales from the 13th Precinct1-58846-480-6WW550012006- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Asylum1-58846-491-0WW552042007- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Book of Spirits1-58846-490-3WW552022007- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Changing Breeds1-58846-493-4WW551032007- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Reliquary1-58846-492-7WW552032007- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Urban Legends1-58846-489-7WW553032007- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Dogs of War1-58846-714-0WW552062008- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Innocents1-58846-713-3WW550042008-This is a complete rulebook, specialised for children aged 7 to 12 as characters.
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Midnight Roads1-58846-712-6WW552052008- 
X-1stWorld of Darkness: Shadows of Iceland-WWICELAND2008-White Wolf Publishing´s April Fool´s joke for 2008. Free item.
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW550052009- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Armory Reloaded1-58846-362-3WW552082009- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Book of the Dead1-58846-382-1WW505012009- 
X-1stWorld of Darkness: Immortals1-58846-368-5WW550022009- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Inferno1-58846-356-2WW552072009- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Slasher1-58846-744-7WW555552009-Also for Hunter: The Vigil.
X-1stDudes of Legend: How to Be Fucking Awesome-WWoRLY?2010-This was White Wolf Publishing´s April Fool´s joke for 2010. Free Sample available here.
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Mirrors1-58846-383-4WW552102010- 
XX1stGlimpses of the Unknown-WW551072011- 
XX1stNightmare on Hill Manor-WW552112011-PDF is free. Was contribution to Free RPG Day 2011.
X-1stWorld of Darkness: Mirrors - Bleeding Edge-WW55210-12011-World of Darkness: Mirrors not required.
X-1stWorld of Darkness: Mirrors - Infinite Macabre-WW55210-22011-World of Darkness: Mirrors not required.
--1stProverbial Monsters--2009-Seems to be removed from catalouge, was PDF-exclusive.
XX-World of Darkness: Dogs of War Poster--2015- 
X-1stWar Is Hell [BUNDLE]--2016-a bundle of PDFs contains
  • New World of Darkness Rulebook (1st Edition)
  • Ruins of Ur (World of Darkness)
  • World of Darkness: Armory
  • World of Darkness: Armory Reloaded
  • World of Darkness: Dogs of War
X-1stChicago Horror Stories [BUNDLE]--2017-A Chicago-themed bundle including some core rulebooks.
--1stFor 2nd Edition see "Chronicles of Darkness"--8888- 

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